“ Aura “ is believed to be derived from Sanskrit  meaning spokes of a wheel . In simple words it means luminous radiations or energy field or electromagnetic radiations . All humans , animals have Aura which can be changed . However Aura of non living objects like stones etc is fixed & cannot be changed .Aura is widely studied in India & neighboring countries like SriLanka & China from ancient times & is used to treat health related issues like Migraine . Apart from this it is very important to check the Aura of religious leaders . Good , spiritual leaders will have a clear Golden Yellow Aura . If the Aura of religious leader is dark & not clear it indicates that the person is not with clear intentions . Clairvoyants & children under 5 years can see Aura of other humans & objects easily . Guy Coggins invented Aura Camera Studying Aura helps one to improve his or her relations with other humans , also help to protect one’s own Aura from getting affected . We can judge the intentions & thought process of other person through Aura even before he or she  verbally expresses .

 Chakras have no physical form and are found between the base of the spine and the top of the head. Chakras are like batteries which store energy . Therefore it is very necessary that the 7 main chakras are unblocked and in balance with each other . Energy that enters the body through these chakras is directed to where it is needed in the body and so is able to promote healing. Accidents, emotional trauma , fear etc adversely affects the chakras , depending on which chakra is affected the associated body part or body functioning gets affected . For instance if the Crown or Master or 7th Chakra is unbalanced there could be headache , rashes , mental illness etc . Balancing and unblocking the 7th chakra with Violet foods, oils , clothes will cure the problems . Each main chakra is associated with body a color & functioning of Organ .

7th Chakra also known as Crown is associated with Pineal gland, pituitary, brain, cerebral cortex, central nervous system, right eye. Crown chakra is located at the top of the head . As Violet colour is associated with 7th Chakra , Violet color , food items & dreaming helps in balancing the chakra .

6th Chakra also known as Brow or Third Eye is associated with Pineal, pituitary, eyes, nose, sinuses, ears, spine, left eye. Endocrine system. Brow Chakra is located right between the eyes & is stimulated by Indigo color oil , food items , Indigo colour gemstones & gazing at sky .

5th Chakra also known as Throat Chakra is associated with Thyroid, Parathyroids, larynx, throat, mouth, hypothalamus, lungs. Throat Chakra is located at the throat & is stimulated by Blue color oils , gemstones , clothing , foods . Also by singing , reciting poems & good communication .

4th Chakra also known as Heart Chakra is associated with Heart, thymus gland, blood circulation, liver, lungs and hands. Immune system. Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest &is stimulated by Green foods , clothes , Eucalyptus oils & spending time in nature .

3rd chakra also known as Solar Plexus is associated with Nervous system, digestive system, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, adrenal glands, liver, muscles. Solar Plexus is located right above the Navel & is stimulated by Yellow color foods & beverages , clothes , gemstones & spending time in sunshine. 

2nd Chakra also known as Sacrum / Sacral /Hara is associated with Testicles, ovaries, prostate, womb, bladder, spleen. Reproductive system. Sacrum is located in the lower abdomen & is stimulated by Orange color foods , clothes , oils & soothing massage & baths .

1st Chakra also known as Base or Root Chakra is associated with Spinal column, adrenal glands, skeleton, kidneys, spleen, colon, legs and feet. Lymphatic system and elimination system is located at the base of the spine & is stimulated by Red color foods , gemstones , clothing , oils , sleep & exercise .

The steps involved in viewing Aura of other person are as follows : 

 1) The viewer of Aura should be relaxed & require lot of patience & practice .

 2) The room should be moderately lighted and no direct Sun light or bright light should be there .

 3) The Person whose Aura has to be viewed should be relaxed & should stand ideally in front of white based wall about 18 inches away from it .

 4) The viewer of Aura should be 10 Feet away from the person .

 5) The viewer should not wear glasses .

 6) While viewing Aura the viewer should focus on the head & shoulder of the person and not on the person body .

 7) The viewer should not try to locate a particular colour instead should try to see the color ...

 8) If unable to view any color , the viewer should not get frustrated & try to repeat the same exercise next day or in some other Room .

 The problems encounter during viewing Aura are : 

 1) Bright light , specs , frustration , impatience , breathlessness .

 Suggestions : 

 Try to view Aura of multiple people without getting frustrated in moderately lit room with patience & relaxed mood . Both individuals should be relaxed & patient .


Anant Chaturdashi is followed by Pitru Paksh / Mahalaya Paksh ....commonly know as SHRADDHAM.or SHRADDH.PAKSH which is generally observed for 14 days in the month of Ashwin as per North Indian calendar . In olden days Shraddh was called as KANAAD( KANYA + AAGAD ) as the Sun enters Kanya or Virgo Rashi when Pitru Paksh starts. During this period Sun is very close to Earth .

Every Hindu should perform Sharaddh of their ancestors.....According to the Vedic Scriptures after death, the soul either gets Salvation ( Moksh ) or gets new birth according to his Karma or his soul wonders as ghost or as unsatisfied aatma troubling his or her beloved ones. As per the scriptures , food ...clothes & money given during Pitru Paksh to Brahmin in the name of our ancestors who are no longer with us is accepted by them( Purvaj ) where ever they are......this is because when the Brahmin eats the food which we offer to him in the name of our dead ancestors ...the heat ( fire ) in the stomach of Brahmin digests the food..... As we all know that fire is element of Sun & therefore the Sun gets the food & eventually our ancestor gets his or her meal where ever they are & in which ever gati they are.

It is believed that when we offer food ,clothes & money during Pitru Paksh to Brahmin for our Purvaj who have got Moksh than the food ...clothes & money which we offered to them comes back to us as their blessings in the form of prosperity happiness.....offspring.....success .....fame etc......However it is important to note that the vice- versa is also true.....& it if the ancestor is an unsatisfied soul than not performing his or her Shraddh brings several troubles in life.....Therefore it must to perform Shraddh.

Shraddh must be performed carefully as slight mistake due to ignorance can make the Pitru unhappy . It is important to note that no vegetable or spice with strong or pungent smell should be used in the preparation of Shraadh ka Bhojan . Mustard & Asafoetida(DEVIL'S DUNG ) commonly known as Hing should not be added in the Pitru food . Oil , Garlic , Onion , Bottle Gourd ( Lauki / Dudhi) are some of the vegetables which are tabooed ( Varjit ) for Pitru Bhojan.Apart from this Leavened Bread ( Pav ) , Biscuits or bakery products are not used . However use of Black Gram ( Urad Dal ) is must in Pitru Food . It can be used in Kajori ...or as Imarti or as Dal ......

There are also other minor few things need to be followed during the day of Shraddh of our dead ancestors . Males should not shave until the Brahmin has eaten food & left for the day , Cow , Crow & Dog should be fed ...., daughter/ daughters who are married should be invited with her husband for the Bhojan on that day , the Brahmin should be sent contented & must be given money along with clothes . Until the Brahmin has left the house no clothes to be washed & no toilets to be cleaned as it is believed that water which is used for cleaning & washing goes to the Ancestors & they get annoyed . Also the mother or the wife or any other person who is elder to the person whose Sharradh is being performed should not eat that food.

According to me Shraddh is a very important Hindu ritual which should be performed by every Hindu without fail every year for the peace of soul of our ancestors , also for the well being of our offspring .....& last but not least when we die we too get food offered to us by our descendents .


Snake wine or Vietnamese wine available in Southeast Asia & Southern China, is considered as a medicine since it is believed that it makes man stronger. The origin of snake wine is Vietnam.

There are two varieties of snake wine:

• Steeped: A large venomous snake can be placed into a glass jar of rice wine, often with many smaller snakes, turtles, insects, or birds, and left to steep for many months. However, the snake venom is denatured by the ethanol (its proteins are unfolded and therefore inactivated) .The wine is drunk as a restorative in small shots or cups.

• Mixed: Body fluids of snake are mixed into wine and consumed immediately in the form of a shot. In the restaurants and bars of various lethal snakes are kept on show in cages for the customers to choose from. Once picked it usually takes two men to kill the angry reptile, one to hold it upright and the other to slice it open from head to tail. The blood is then poured into a vat to be mixed with rice wine. Not much goes to waste as the heart is cut out and the gall bladder is emptied and mixed with wine in shot glasses. After the drinking is done the snake is fried and served up over several hours.

Snakes are widely believed to possess medicinal qualities and the wine is often advertised to cure everything from farsightedness to hair loss, as well as to increase sexual performance. However, many of these claims are likely exaggerated to attract buyers.

It is illegal to import snake wine to many countries including the United States because the cobras and other snakes killed in the production are often endangered species.

The cost varies & the color too varies from Rose pink to red



Rabindranath Tagore wrote almost hundred short stories .He was the first Bengali who took short stories to serious art form.Rabindranath wrote most of his stories in 1890s.These stories were published in several periodicals.A popular periodical is SADHANA in which 36 stories were published among which are the famous stories like KABULIWALA & HUNGRY STONE.

Tapan Sinha made three movies on Rabindranath Tagore's Stories.He made movie on Kabuliwala , Hungry Stone & Atithi. Kabuliwala was shown in 1957 Berlin Film Festival.Rabindranath Tagore was ideal of Tapan Sinha.Rabindranath Tagore's another periodical is SABUJ PATRA in which stories like WIFE'S LETTER & WOMEN UNKNOWN ( Aprichitta ) were published.

For years Rabindranath Tagore was not recognized as great writer because Non-Bengali readers had to depend upon the translated version of his Bengali stories which were of poor Quality.Later with the help of some Britishers he managed to improve his translations.


Shani is of the 9 planets. According to Hindu mythology Shani (Saturn) is son of Sun & Chaaya . It is believed that Shani & Sun (Surya Devta) are bitter enemies although they are close relatives. Therefore Shani mantra jaap is done when Sun sets .Yamraj (the lord of death), Dharamraj & Yamuna River are brothers & sister of Shani Maharaj. The 4 Ashwin Kumars (Sons of Surya & Usha) are step brothers of Shani Maharaj.

Shani is considered as the lord of Justice. Lord Shiva has assigned Shani Maharaj the duty to do justice with each & every individual. Therefore during Shani ki Sadae Saati ( 7.5 years dasha ) & Shani ki Mahadasha ( 19 years dasha ) each individual is rewarded or punished according to his past actions by Shani Maharaj .In every individual’s life there is at least one Shani ki Sadae Saati & one Shani ki Mahadasha . During these dashas the individual must sincerely worship Shani Maharaj at any cost. Even regular worship of Shani Maharaj helps the person to remain healthy & wealthy.

One can please Shani Maharaj by following ways.

1)CHANTING MANTRA : “ Om Shum Shanishchraay Namah :for at least 108 timeswith Sandal wood beads mala but remember not to chant the mantra with Tulsi beads mala . The mantra should be chanted after Sun set. The person should take a bath & should wear black clothes. Also offer Gur ( jaggery ) & Kali Urad dalkhichadi (Black Gram) to Shani Maharaj. After the pooja distribute the Prasad among the family members.

2)CHARITY: Donate black color cloth to the poor. On every Saturday offer Mustard oil & money in the Shani Mandir. Donate Iron metal goods to the poor on Saturday.

3)GEM STONE: Neelam (Blue Sapphire) should be worn on the gemologist & astrologer’s advice only

It is also very important to chant Shani's wives mantra which is as follows at least for 108 times on every Saturday after Sun set .


As we know, PayPal is the world's largest internet bank. Most of us who surf the net and have online earnings have a PayPal account. However, in this article I would like to share some uncommon facts about PayPal.

1) One individual can have two pay pal accounts. However the person should have one Premier NS one Personal PayPal account or one Business and one Personal account .

2) An individual with a Personal account can accept only five debit or credit payments. However, an individual with Premier PayPal account can accept unlimited credit or debit card payments.

3) In the case of the Premier account, the account holder has to pay fees for every payment he or she receives. So people who receive many credit or debit card payments should open the Premier account, otherwise they should open Personal account only.

4) The PayPal account holder can refund money to the sender within 60 days. PayPal immediately refunds the money to the sender.


As we know AlertPay is a Internet bank like PayPal. However, AlertPay is not as advanced as PayPal with respect to withdrawing of funds by the account holder.

In AlertPay, only members of few countries can directly withdraw their funds into their bank account via electronic money transfer. While other members can withdraw funds via check only and a minimum cashout should be $20.

AlertPay does not send cheque in the currency of the account holder.Therefore, an Indian AlertPay account holder will get a check in U.S. dollars and not in Indian Rupees.

PayPal transfers money electronically in most countries and also gives check payment in the currency of account holder. However, AlertPay is better than PayPal in the security aspect. In AlertPay, there are two passwords: one is login password and the other is transaction password. This gives security to the account holder.