CRANE'S CRADLE commonly known as BABY DROP BOX .The baby drop box system already exist in Germany , South Africa , USA & some other countries .Recently Crane's Cradle was opened in Japan on 10/05/07. In spite of discouragement by the Japanese Government , Jikei Hospital in the southern city of Kumamoto adopted the baby drop off system in order to discourage abortions & abandonment of infants in unsafe public places.

There is a small opening on the side of the hospital through which parents can drop their neonate at any time of the day into an incubator .An alarm will notify the hospital staff of the arrival of little angel.The hospital will raise the baby & later will put the child for adoption. According to the Hospital Crane's Cradle or Baby drop off box is the parent's last resort but according to the Japanese Government the Crane's Cradle will simply encourage more abandonments of infants.

In recent past a drop box in Tokyo received only 10 babies in 6 years & it was closed in 1992 after a dead baby was found inside the box. In my opinion the baby drop box system is excellent since the neonate will not going to start his or her life from a garbage box also the infant will not starve .Last but not least the little angel with his innocent smile might brighten the life of those parents who need little angel desperately

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