Sadguru Nanak was born on 15-4-1469,in Talvandi village now in West Pakistan.His Father's was Mehta Kalu a village accountant.Guru nanak studied in a local school arithmetic , book keeping ,Persian,Arabic.

From childhood Guru nanak was inclined towards God , He did not have interests in worldly pleasures.At the age of 12 he got married to Sulakhni but still ne used to wander with Fakirs.At the age of 25 he became father.He had two sons & two daughters.However one of his daughter expired in infancy.

Guru Nanak was still occupied by spiritual thoughts & Mardana joined him both of them use to sing poems,give food to people & go together in morning to bathe in river.It is said that Nanak had is first mystical experience during of these early morning ablutions.

At the age of 38 Nanak left his home & traveled all over India & even went to Bagdad.He came back to his native land when Barbar invaded Punjab for the third time.When Nanak saw the massacre of people he felt very bad .He than introduced Sikhism which swept Punjab & India within Short time.

Guru Nanak clearly stated that there is only one immortal God & he is the Creator.

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