Today people from all over the world are becoming health , fitness & beauty conscious & the credit for this goes to Media who has emphasized the importance of beauty in recent years .As a result of which many Saloons & Spas have emerged to enhance the beauty .

All over the world there is Spa Boom.We all know about Spa where treatment with Aroma oils,Mud , Chocolate are given but have you heard about Wine Spa , Apple Spa , Spa where massage with Snakes is given & about Spa where face pack of Cockroaches is available.Yes the above mentioned Spas do exist.There are people who are willing do anything to enhance their beauty .

Wine spas are in abundance in Spain & Italy.Kowakien Yunessan Spa in Hakone Japan, has launched Wine spa in 2005 .In the pool everyday red wine is poured at regular intervals .The spa claims that bathing in wine will help in rejuvenating .The brochure assures that The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra use to bath in wine.Kowakien.Yunessan is first wine Spa in Asia .

Taira Beach Resort in Port Dickson at Malaysia has Spa where thousands of whole apples are used in swimming pool .It is believed that apples in pool help in relaxing body.

Ada Barak an Israeli women owns a Spa in the northern communal village of Talmey El'Azar .The speciality about the spa is that Snakes are used for massage .Barak uses California and Florida King snakes,corn snakes and milk snakes in her treatments.She uses 6 snakes which are nonvenomous & charges 300 Shekels for one massage.Barak says that this massage helps in reducing stress.Does this massage really reduces stress is a big question , Isn't it .

New Facial - Mudpack Made With Ground Up Roaches - video powered by Metacafe

Recently I came across a Spa where face pack of Cockroaches is used in the treatment.I am not sure that Wine , Apples , Snakes & Cockroaches enhances beauty but I am sure that the individual is Psychologically satisfied by Spas , Isn't ?


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