The First Law stating the Abolition of trade in African Slaves in Britain will complete 201 years on 25 th March 2008.It was a major step of stopping the immoral practice of bonded labor.It was a big trade and more than 10 million Africans were shipped overseas for slavery.

In those days the ship used to take 6-8 weeks to transport Africans from their country to new world where they will work as slaves throughout their life.In each ship more than 600 men,women & children were packed tightly into every available space.During this journey many slaves died,some used to commit suicide.

Two basic types of Slavery used to exists Domestic& Productive Slavery.
Domestic slavery was more common where in the slaves were asked to do household work.
In productive slavery ,slave labor was used for economic purposes such as plantation.

In America US Congress banned import of slaves from 1808 but it was completely abolished in 1865 in America.According to Manu Smriti slaves used to exists in India also but unfortunately this immoral & illegal practice still exists in Mauritania although the slaves do not have to wear chains or branded with the marks of their master

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