Doll manufacturing companies have designed in recent past some amazing dolls which are replicas of human babies. These dolls are made especially for Parents who have lost their babies & for teenagers .

The dolls which are manufactured to calm down mourning parents have tiny veins , beating heart , hairs & many more features of living human baby. Some manufactures of these dolls also make dolls which appear exactly as the baby who expired so that the mourning parents will feel that they are holding their child.Such dolls are becoming trend in UK & other countries.Although these dolls are made to help parents to overcome their grief but it is also possible that parents may not be able to come out of their sorrows because such dolls may constantly remind them of their lost baby.

The human baby replicas designed for teenagers are known as REAL CARE BABIES . In order to prevent teenage pregnancy these dolls are designed . Teenagers from Chihuahua in Mexico are made to take care of screaming , hiccuping baby dolls which run on computer chips.The teenagers have to feed the dolls , have to slap on the back so they burp & do every thing as we do with live babies.The aim behind this is to make teenagers realize the consequences of becoming parents at young age & there by reducing the rate of teenage pregnancy.The teenagers get horrified at the amount of work involved in looking after a baby. REAL CARE BABIES are available in USA , UK & many other European countries.

Thus with the help of technology dolls identical to human babies are made to reduce the sorrows of mourning parents & the rate of teenage pregnancies.

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