Even if our eyes are closed but still we will recoginze Naarad Muni as soon we hear on TV ' NAARAYAN .....NAARAYAN ' . All of us know that Naarad Muni visits all the lokhs & communicate messages but how many of us know about the birth of Naarad Muni . In this post I will be writing about Naarad Muni's past.

According to Bhaagvat , Naarad Muni was Born as Sooth Putra before he was born as Naarad Muni. As Sooth putra his mother was a widow , she used to clean roads etc & he used to help his mother in doing the work.Once a group of saints came in their village. Naarad muni's ( sooth putra) mother told him to go & help the saints in cleaning & other things. As an obedient son, Sooth putra went and started doing things for the saints .He use to clean their vessels , floors & used to make beds of saints in night.

One day after seeing his dedication & sincerity towards work , One saint asked sooth putra ( Naarad Muni ) to eat some left over food of Priests. Sooth putra happily ate the left over food .As soon as he ate the food his attitude towards world completely changed . Now he was no longer interested in worldly desires.When the Saints started leaving the village Sooth putra insisted the saints to take him along with them but as his mother started crying the priests refused to take him along with them . In fact the priests suggested Sooth putra to remain with her mother & serve her.

Sooth putra obeyed what saints told him to do but still he was not interested in worldly desires, when he grew up her mother pleaded him to get married however he refused to marry.One day when his mother went in Jungle to gather wood , she died because of Snake bite. After his mother's death Sooth putra traveled throughout the world preaching people about God & his greatness .After he died he born again as Naarad Muni.

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