You must be wondering what is Nazi Hunter Room ? Some may think it is the place where Adolf Hitler used to preserve killed animals others might imagine something which is beyond my imagination.
Without any further confusion let me reveal to you what is ' Nazi Hunter Room '.It is the Adolf Hitler's skin trophy which is made by Israeli artist Boaz Arad.This art work was represented in Art Cologne which was major modern art fair in Germany.The fair was held in April 2007.The price of the Nazi Hunter Room was 47,000 dollars.

You might think the Nazi Hunter Room is so expensive but in the Art Cologne fair the most expensive art work was of Pablo Pisaco's painting ' Man with Pipe ' which was priced 3.8 million Euros. He made the painting in 1969.

Henceforth somebody asks you about Nazi Hunter Room than confidently say it is Hitler Skin Trophy & not a room or place as the name suggest .

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