Yes, I am not joking Engelbart is father of Mouse.The mouse I am writing about is not an ordinary mouse nor it is like little Stewart .The mouse is friend of man & it has become part & parcel of our lives.Great, you have guessed it right I am writing about our Computer Mouse whose tail remains attached to our PCs.

Douglas C Engelbart 1948 graduate of Oregon University & a Radar Technician for 2years in the Phillippines during World War II has invented the PC Mouse in 1968.He named it as X Y Position Indicator for a Display System .He has also contributed to computer technology with his other inventions also .However PC Mouse is his greatest contribution .In America Engelbart was honored with a huge cash prize for his inventions on 4th September 1997.On the epoch making achievement of Engelbart the Oregon State University ( OSU ) was proud of their old student Douglas Engelbart.

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the 40th anniversary is on Dec 9. we hope OSU will be involved in the celebrations. See

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