Today all over the world people believe in Nostradamus's predictions ,but how many of us know that his predictions are in the form of just 4 line poems ?In other words his prediction about 11th September World Trade Tragedy in USA was in the form of a poem.The Greatest Fortune teller of earth was born in a rich Jewish / Catholic family in St. Remi, France on December 14 th,1503.Nostradamus although known for his forecasts was by profession a Doctor. He received his Medical degree from the Mont Pellier School of Medicine.

During the spread of Black Plague in Europe , other Doctors used to bleed the patients in order to release the germs , however Nostradamus was against this ignorance cum malpractice, he suggested to maintain personal hygiene through washing & bathing .Unfortunately Nostradamus lost his wife & children during the epidemic Black Plague.

At the age of 52 Nostradamus started writing poems which were only of 4 lines.These poems are known as QUATRAINS which are basically forecasts .The complete book of Nostradamus is known as CENTURIES .Centuries means chapters .The book has 10 chapters , each chapter ( Century ) has 100 Quatrains except for Century VII, which has only 42 quatrains.Therefore the total book has 942 Quatrains ( 4 line poems ).

The following is the first Quatrains( poem ) from the first chapter of the book written by Nostradamus: Sitting alone at night in secret study;it is placed on the brass tripod.A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and makes successful that which should not be believed in vain.The poem is in itself a forecast.

Understanding & interpreting these line is beyond the reach of most of us .A person who is able to accurately interpret Nostradamus's words is considered Nostradamus Expert .Till date only some of the quatrains are interpreted completely .
Nostradamus will remain immortal till eternity through his predictions which are in the form of 4 line poems.

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