Plants living in wet areas cannot get sufficient nutrients from the soil as a result of which they have adapted to the situation by consuming insects & animals for the nutrients.Pitcher plant , Yellow Trumpet , Sundew , Venus Flytrap & Nepenthes are some of the carnivorous plants.

Charles Darvin referred to such plants as Insectivorous but later scientist found that these plants consume small animals therefore they named them Carnivorous plants.Carnivorous plants uses a variety of mechanics to trap their prey.For instance the Yellow Trumpet has a substance in its nectar that paralyzes any insect that consumes it than the plant swallow the insects & digest it.

The largest meat eating plant is NEPENTHES.It grows in the rain forest of south east Asia. Nepenthes trap mostly insects & small frogs.These carnivorous plants do not harm human beings & so far there is no plant discovered which can eat man. The rumor that there are man eater plants is due to Corpse Flower , which smells of a dead man.

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