1) A fog cannot be dispelled by a fan .
Ans) Oas ( dew drop) chaatne se pyaas nahi bhujti.

2)An empty vessel sounds much .
Ans) Thotha channa baje ghana.

3)Birds of same feather flock together.
Ans) Chor chor mosere bhai.

4)Do evil & look for like.
Ans) Kar bura to hoy bura

5)Fool to others to himself a sage .
Ans) Apne mooh miyamitthu.

6)Good mind , good find.
Ans) Aap bhale to jag bhala.

7)His wits are gone a woll gathering.
Ans) Uski akal charne ko gayi hai.

8)It takes two to make a quarrel.
Ans) Ek haath se tali nahi bajti.

9) Barking dogs seldom bite .
Ans) Jo garajte hai woh baraste nahi.

10)Avarice is root of all evils.
Ans) Laalch buri balaa hai.

11)Gather thistles & expect pickles .
Ans) Boye pade babool ke to aam kha se hoye.

12)Drowning man catches at straw.
Ans) Doobte ko tinke ka sahara.

13)Hard nut to crack.
Ans) lohe ke chane chabana.

14)As the king so are the subjects.
Ans) jaisa Raja vaisi praja.

15)A honey tongue , a heart of gall.
Ans) Mukh mein Ram bagal mein choori.

16)Pure gold does not fear the flame.
Ans) Saanch ko aanch nahi.

17) Great cry little wool .
Ans) Oochi dukaan feeke pakvaan.

18)A drop in the Ocean .
Ans) Oot ( Camel ) Ke mooh mein Jeera.

19) A nine days wonder .
Ans) Chaar din ki chandani fir andheri raat.

20) Crying in wilderness .
Ans) Bhes ( Buffalo ) ke aage been bajaana.

21) Do good & cast in to the river.
Ans) Neki kar dariya mein daal.

22) Diamonds cut diamonds.
Ans) Loha lohe ko kaat ta hai.

23) A burnt child dreads the fire.
Ans) Dudh ka jala chaas ko bhi fook fook kar peeta hai.

24)A figure among cyphers.
Ans) Andho mein kaane raaja.

25)A little knowledge is a dangerous thing .
Ans) Neem hakeem khatre jaan

26)A wolf in lamb's clothing.
Ans) Mukh mein Ram bagal mein choori.


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