If your child finds the class room atmosphere or lectures boring or if he hates writing or has bad hand writing or if you are writing your first love letter or writing a letter to your enemy requesting for friendship than you should not forget to use Aromatic pencils .

Aromatic pencils are not ordinary pencils with a good smelling eraser on the head of the pencil but they are specially designed pencils by Japan.Last year in Tokyo there was an International Stationery & Office Products Fair 2007 in which a Stationery maker has launched a new & exclusive range of Aromatic Pencils.

The company has launched pencils which smell of Rose , Green Tea & Rose merry. These pencils have capsules as a result of which when the pencil is used for writing the fragrance refreshes the the person.So the days have come when we have to
say Bye Bye to ordinary lead pencils & Welcome Aromatic Pencils .

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