We all know about Parkers, Sheaffers , Montblancs & Cartiers Pens are very costly & mostly used by people of executive class but do you know that are are pens which costs approximately more than 10, 000 US $ each. Yes it is true ,Pens of Ferrari da Varese , Krone , Conway Stewart , Omas , Lamy , Aurora & Montegrappa cost's in millions

The reason behind these pen being so expensive is that it's maker have taken 1-3 months to make a single pen & if it is a limited edition pen the craftsmen might take a year or two year.These pen are mostly hand engraved & studded with precious stones.The body of the pen is mostly made of gold .Generally on the pen a historic monument or flowers etc is engraved.

You must be wondering who uses such pen.Well Queen of England , US President ,British Prime minister & other head officials use these pen. A common men will think what's the need of using such expensive pen.So these are not just pen these are means of expressing elegance.

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