Yarsa Gumba ( Cordycep Sinensis) is a fungus like plant. It is found in Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet . However Tibet ranks first in the production of Yarsa Gumba.The main source of the income of the natives of Tibet is export of Yarsa Gumba.The caterpillar fungus also known as Himalayan Viagara cost approximately 6.77 US $ per piece. Yarsa Gumba is used to cure various ailments like Cancer , Asthma , Chronic Hepatitis B ,Tuberculosis, Leprosy, leukemia & it also used to increases physical stamina. China is the biggest importer of Yarsa Gumba.Chinese people knew the benefit of this herb since the Ming Dynasty & they use this in some of their medicines which they export.

Tibetians knew the medicinal value of Yarsa Gumba from last 1500 years .The Tibetians Shepherds used to leave old animals into the jungle. After some days they saw that the animals they left in jungle have become more active, even some of them have stared reproducing.The fact that the animals have become younger made the natives curious. So they chased the animals in jungle & finally they found that these animals used to consume the herb Yarsa Gumba. This made the natives realize the importance of this herb which they used to sell at very low prices to Chinese people.Thus Yarsa Gumba can be rightly said as boon to mankind.

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