I am not joking in our society there are some men who are caged in female's body & there are women who are caged in male's body. You must be thinking that I am talking about ghosts or some supernatural powers but you are incorrect .Without forcing you to ponder further ,I am elucidating on TRANSSEXUALS

Transsexuals are persons who identify their gender opposite to the gender assigned to them at birth.According to Psychologists Transsexuals suffer from GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER.It is a disorder in which a person feels that he or she is trapped inside a wrong body.

Recently in India many cases of Transsexualism have come up.For instance Bobby Darling.......a popular bollywood celebrity who tried to win Big Boss so that he can go for sex change surgery. Aparna Mafatlal became Ajay Mafatlal some 2 years back after undergoing SRS & recently 23 year old Adam turned to extremely beautiful Adrina at Sita Ram Bharatiya Hospital in New Delhi on 4th November 2005.

Transsexuals can only win their battle by undergoing SRS. SRS means Sex Reconstruction Surgery or Sex Reassignment Surgery.It is a surgical procedure by which a person's physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are changed to that of the other sex .It is a very expensive & long process .The patient should be physically, mentally & socially prepared before going through the surgery. SRS differs for Trans woman (male to female) & Trans man (female to male).It has been seen that there are more cases of Trans woman than Trans man. For Trans woman sex reassignment usually involves the surgical construction of a vagina while in case of Trans man SRS involves mastectomy, hysterectomy , construction of penis & some other surgical process. After changing gender through surgery such people can have normal sexual relationship with their partners however they cannot have their own children .

With the growing technology we might hear that people after undergoing SRS can conceive too but I feel the whole procedure is against the rules of Nature. This was a brief insight of Transsexualism & Sex reassignment Surgery by Moksha.

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