Siyar or Jackal is found in forests of hilly regions. Jackal is a non-vegetarian animal he catches his prey efficiently when he is young but as he grows older his efficiency reduces but by natures grace a small bunch of hair with horn emerges from his body at the forehead this is called as Siyar Singhi.

The Siyar Singhi has some kind of attraction power in it as a result of which Jackal easily catches his prey. The nature's gift to Siyar is a Lucky Charm meaning it is one of the rare Tantra Items. Siyar Singhi bestows immense wealth, victory over enemies, protect from evil eye etc.The amazing fact about Siyar singhi is that its hair starts growing automatically if it is kept in Vermilion.

Siyar Singhi is available in various sizes & it is very expensive.It should always be kept in a Silver box in the pooja ghar.Within the silver box it should be kept covered with vermilion.


shailesh goswami said...

I have siyar singi ..hatha Jodi original for 9987616282. 9100

monika sharma said...

I have a
siyar singi
but i have no idea how to used