Care of cooking oil is very important since the way we use oil affects our health .

SELECTION OF COOKING OIL : One should buy & consume omega-3 fatty acid rich oils like Soyabean , Mustard seed oils. Sunflower & Rice bran oils are also good.

STORAGE OF OILS : Keep oil in air-tight container. The container should be clean & free from any smell. Also keep oil away from direct sun light. These precautions regarding the storage of oil should be taken in order to increase the shelf life of oils. Oils contain Poly unsaturated fatty -acids which get oxidized in the presence of air & sun light.Once the Poly-unsaturated fatty acids get oxidized the oil develops off flavors ie. is it becomes Rancid. Rancid oils should not be consumed if it is consumed it causes headache , Nausea etc.

USE OF OILS : Never over heat an oil . Oils should always be heated below ( Smoke point). Smoke point is a temperature at which the oil starts smoking. Always buy oils with high smoking point.The smoking point of an oil reduces by repeated use of oil & by not staining the oil after cooking food in it. Discard oils which have become dark brown in color due to repeated use .If such oil is used it catches fire ( Fire point ). Also consumption of foods cooked in such oils causes stomach pain , vomiting, headache etc. Always cool & strain the oil before refilling it into bottle. Last but not least if a very strong flavored food is cooked in oil , freshen the oil by frying some potatoes.

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