An individual's personality is revealed to some extent from his/ her handwriting.Here are some tips which will help you to analyze hand writing of an individual.

Here are some important instruction for Hand writing Analysis.

1) A signature is not enough for hand writing analysis.

2)For analysis at least one full paragraph with all the letters at least once is necessary.

3)It makes no difference if the writer is right handed or left handed.

4)Remember that the size of the writing could change slightly if an individual has been taking medication.

5) It is important to note that the upper strokes of letters are slanting towards left or right or are vertical.

6)Check for the size of letters i.e. very tiny or medium sized or very big.

7)The shape of the letters m & n reveals important data regarding the ability to think.

8) if a person makes the letter "g " as the number " 9 " & letter " Y " as the number " 7 " .It means that the person is good in calculating , accounts .

9)If a person never or mostly do not use punctuation marks( , . ? " " ! etc) while writing .It means that the person is lazy , is in hurry & believes in Quantity & not in Quality.

10) If a person's handwriting is very small .It means he / she is not very confident , not clear in his / her thoughts.Believes in hiding things from others.

11) If a person's handwriting is very big .It means he / she is very confident , proud, likes to gain others attention.

12)If the persons handwriting is changing frequently. It means he / she is very confused & not self satisfied.

13) If a person uses lot of short forms while writing . It means the person believes in quick action , he / she do not care much for people.

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