Yarsa Gumba ( Cordycep Sinensis) is a fungus like plant. It is found in Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet . However Tibet ranks first in the production of Yarsa Gumba.The main source of the income of the natives of Tibet is export of Yarsa Gumba.The caterpillar fungus also known as Himalayan Viagara cost approximately 6.77 US $ per piece. Yarsa Gumba is used to cure various ailments like Cancer , Asthma , Chronic Hepatitis B ,Tuberculosis, Leprosy, leukemia & it also used to increases physical stamina. China is the biggest importer of Yarsa Gumba.Chinese people knew the benefit of this herb since the Ming Dynasty & they use this in some of their medicines which they export.

Tibetians knew the medicinal value of Yarsa Gumba from last 1500 years .The Tibetians Shepherds used to leave old animals into the jungle. After some days they saw that the animals they left in jungle have become more active, even some of them have stared reproducing.The fact that the animals have become younger made the natives curious. So they chased the animals in jungle & finally they found that these animals used to consume the herb Yarsa Gumba. This made the natives realize the importance of this herb which they used to sell at very low prices to Chinese people.Thus Yarsa Gumba can be rightly said as boon to mankind.


The production of an Echo is a common example of reflection of sound.An echo is the repetition of sound caused by its reflection from a distant surface.

A human ear cannot distinguish between two sounds if they are heard within an interval of 1/10 of a second.Therefore echo can be heard only if the reflected sound reaches the ear at least 1/10 of a second after the direct sound is heard.The velocity of sound in air at ordinary temperature is about 340 m/s.It is obvious that the sound should reach the ears after it covers a minimum distance of 340 X 1/10 = 34 Metre.In other words echo is heard only if the reflecting surface is at a distance greater than 17 Metre.


Mughal-E-Azam was directed by K. Asif .He was a minute observer & believed in quality work.In one scene, Salim arrives in the palace after a war & in his welcome pearls were thrown. Initially artificial pearls were thrown but K. Asif realized that the sound of artificial pearls was not very effective & prominent therefore he thought to shoot the same scene with real Pearls . As K.Asif was running short of money he was unable to do the scene with real pearls at that moment therefore he postponed it for some time .Later in Idd he got some money from SHAPURJI PALLONJI with which he bought real Pearls & than with these Pearl he completed the scene where Salim enters the palace & the maid servants throw pearls in his welcome.

Thus the minute observations of K. Asif is the main reason of success of legendary Movie Mughal-E-Azam


Did you remember a popular TV serial which was telecasted on Doordarshan few years back in which a short stature man wearing a cloak was riding a donkey ? If not than let me tell you I am talking about Mulla Nasrudin…..the serial in which Raghuveer Yadav of the fame Mungeri lal Ke Haseen Sapne has acted as Mulla Nasrudeen.

Mulla Nasrudeen is a very famous folkloric character.Thousands of sarcastic stories , anecdotes & jokes about Mulla Nasrudin are still enjoyed.Since stories about him are popular in many countries , people from different countries claim that Mulla Nasrudin is native of their country but he was born in a Turkish village in 1208 & died around 1284.

Every year, an International Nasreddin Hoja Festival is held between July 5-10 in the town where he was buried in Turkey, giving writers & artists a chance to present their works of drama, music, paintings, films and animation and keep the memory of Nasreddin alive.Mulla Nasrudin used to travel from his home town to distant places & used to make friends through his foolish but witty remarks . Very little is known about his family but in some stories it is written he has many wives & children who used to fight among themselves.

There are many variations of the Nasrudeen stories as they have been handed down orally over the generations. Differences have naturally sprung up due to the vast geographical regions where his stories form part of the oral culture. Despite these differences, Mulla Nasrudin is one of the most popular satirical characters to be found in the folk literature of the East. The following widely known Mulla Nasrudin story has been retold numerous times and in numerous ways. It can be seen that the story changes in its details and title, while keeping its moral.

To Make The People Stop Talking

One day, Mulla and his son went on a journey. Mulla let his son ride the donkey while he walked. Along the way, they passed some people who said, " Look at that healthy young boy on the donkey “The boy then let his father ride while he walked. Mulla rode and the boy walked by his side. Soon they met another group. " Look at that! Poor little boy has to walk while his father rides the donkey” . This time, Mulla climbed onto the donkey behind his son. Soon they met another group, who said, " Look at that poor donkey! He has to carry the weight of two people " . Mulla then told his son, " The best thing is for us to walk and lead the donkey. Then no one can complain ” So, they continued their journey on foot. Again, they met some others who said: “Just take a look at those fools. Both of them are walking under this hot sun and neither of them is riding the donkey ". In exasperation,Mulla lifted the donkey onto his shoulders and said," Come on, if we don’t do this, it will be impossible to make people stop talking "


The tribe Kalash residing in the remote valleys of Hindu Kush in Northern Pakistan claims to be descended from the Generals of Alexander -The Great.

The people of Kalash Tribe differ from the surrounding poulations in their looks & religion.The Kalash tribe does not follow Islam they believe in Animism & Shamanism also they believe in sacrifice.The Kalash are found in three valleys of Hindu Kush namely Rumbur , Birir & Bumboret. However 6000 Kalsh residing in Bumboret Valley have embraced Islam due to growing pressure. Joshi is a spring festival which is celebrated by kalash.













Joseph Barbera is the man behind the smile on the faces of millions of children & even adults all over the world as he is the father of children's favorite cartoon character Tom & Jerry.

Joseph Barbera was born on 24/03/1911 in America.He was a producer in Warner Brothers animation center.Sketching cartoons was his hobby . In 1950 Joseph Barbera stared Hanna-Barbera Animation company with his partner William Hanna .Hanna & Barbera together gave birth to approximately 300 cartoons.However Tom & Jerry were his most popular cartoons.

Joseph died on 19th December 2006 in USA at the age of 95 .However he will remain immortal forever through Cartoons like Tom & Jerry.


Low birth weight babies who become overweight in childhood are at risk of developing Heart disorders & Diabetes in their adulthood.Under nutrition during the fetal stage affects the development of all organs.

An undernourished child does not develop organs & tissues to their full potentials.Underdeveloped organs are not likely to be risk factor for healthy people but are risky for people with faulty diet , inactivity, smoking or with childhood obesity. Since it is not possible for a person to recover from fetal under- development ,pregnant women should take adequate amounts of vitamins & minerals.


Today people from all over the world are becoming health , fitness & beauty conscious & the credit for this goes to Media who has emphasized the importance of beauty in recent years .As a result of which many Saloons & Spas have emerged to enhance the beauty .

All over the world there is Spa Boom.We all know about Spa where treatment with Aroma oils,Mud , Chocolate are given but have you heard about Wine Spa , Apple Spa , Spa where massage with Snakes is given & about Spa where face pack of Cockroaches is available.Yes the above mentioned Spas do exist.There are people who are willing do anything to enhance their beauty .

Wine spas are in abundance in Spain & Italy.Kowakien Yunessan Spa in Hakone Japan, has launched Wine spa in 2005 .In the pool everyday red wine is poured at regular intervals .The spa claims that bathing in wine will help in rejuvenating .The brochure assures that The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra use to bath in wine.Kowakien.Yunessan is first wine Spa in Asia .

Taira Beach Resort in Port Dickson at Malaysia has Spa where thousands of whole apples are used in swimming pool .It is believed that apples in pool help in relaxing body.

Ada Barak an Israeli women owns a Spa in the northern communal village of Talmey El'Azar .The speciality about the spa is that Snakes are used for massage .Barak uses California and Florida King snakes,corn snakes and milk snakes in her treatments.She uses 6 snakes which are nonvenomous & charges 300 Shekels for one massage.Barak says that this massage helps in reducing stress.Does this massage really reduces stress is a big question , Isn't it .

New Facial - Mudpack Made With Ground Up Roaches - video powered by Metacafe

Recently I came across a Spa where face pack of Cockroaches is used in the treatment.I am not sure that Wine , Apples , Snakes & Cockroaches enhances beauty but I am sure that the individual is Psychologically satisfied by Spas , Isn't ?


The phenomenon of radioactivity was discovered in 1896 by Henry Becquerel while he was studying the properties of a uranium salt.

Henry Becquerel had kept a photographic plate in his desk.The plate was wrapped with thick black paper to prevent its exposure to light.By chance he kept the Uranium salt on the plate for two days.Then when he developed photographic plate , he found that the plate was affected.As there was no other light to affect the photographic plate he concluded that the Uranium salt must have emitted invisible radiation which was capable of penetrating through thick black paper to reach the photographic plate.

This property was later given the name Radioactivity by Madam Curie who found that Thorium also possesses the same property


The TOLI MASJID in Hyderabad , India is an ideal symbol of unity among religions. The mosque depicts that any religion enhances by adopting the good of other religion , this fact is apparent by the pillars of the Toli Masjid as they are a fine art specimen of Hindu art.

The mosque was constructed by MUSA KHAN a noble man of the Qutubshahi period in 1671. Another astonishing fact about the mosque is that Musa Khan was the supervisor , constructing the Mecca Masjid & was paid a damadi ( currency of those days ) as commission beside a regular pay .Musa Khan saved all that money & spent in constructing TOLI MASJID .



According to Chinese calender each year is a year of specific animal.There are 12 animals which are as follows.

1) Rat in Chinese shu

2) Ox in Chinese niu

3) Tiger in Chinese hu

4) Hare in Chinese tu

5) Dragon in Chinese long

6) Snake in Chinese she

7) Horse in Chinese ma

8) Sheep in Chinese yany

9) Monkey in Chinese hou

10) Rooster in Chinese ji

11) Dog in Chinese gou

12) Pig in Chinese Zhu.

2006 was year of Dog & 2007 is year of Pig according to Chinese Astrology .Therefore 2008 is year of Rat.Thus each animal appears after 12 years.


Sampoorn Singh popularly known as Gulzaar Sahab one of the leading lyricist of India , born in Deena which is now in West Punjab (Pakistan) on 18 -8-1934.

He was a car mechanic in a garage before he established himself as a lyricist.As a lyricist his first film was my favorite Kabuliwala directed by Tapan Sinha based on the story of Rabindranath Tagore.With Mere Apne in the year 1971 Gulzaar sahab turned as a film director.

During 1987 & 1996 Gulzaar sahab did only 7 fims as a lyricist & 2 films as director since he was busy in directing award winning serial Mirza Galib which is his tribute to great Shayer Mirza Galib.Nasrudeen Shah played the role of Mirza Galib in the serial.

His daughter Meghna Gulzar has written a biography on his father which is entitled as Because he is.....Meghna Gulzaar has directed a movie Filhaal , her next movie Just married will release shortly.

Gulzaar sahab has bagged several awards for his great compositions therefore he can be rightly called as the garden of songs.


The 8 Ganpati names are

1) Vakratund his vahan is Lion

2) Ekdant his vahan is Mouse

3) Mahodar his vahan is Mouse

4) Gajanan his vahan is Mouse

5) Lambodar his vahan is Mouse

6) Vikat his vahan is Peacock

7) Vighanraaj his vahan is Sheshnaag

8) Dhumrvaran his vahan is Mouse.


1) Ashok Kumar - Kumudlal Kanjilal Ganguly

2) Jhony Walker - Badruddin Qazi

3) Dilip Kumar - Yusuf Khan

4)Rajni Kanth - Shivaji Rao Gaikwad

5)Kishore Kumar - Aabhash Kumar Ganguly

6) Sanjeev Kumar - Hari Bhai Zariwala

7) Rajesh Khanna - Yatin Khanna

8) Kumar Shanu - Kedarnath Bhattacharya

9)Malikka Sherawat - Reema Lamba

10)Mahima Choudhry - Ritu Chaudhry

11) Natassha - Anita Hassandani


1) A fog cannot be dispelled by a fan .
Ans) Oas ( dew drop) chaatne se pyaas nahi bhujti.

2)An empty vessel sounds much .
Ans) Thotha channa baje ghana.

3)Birds of same feather flock together.
Ans) Chor chor mosere bhai.

4)Do evil & look for like.
Ans) Kar bura to hoy bura

5)Fool to others to himself a sage .
Ans) Apne mooh miyamitthu.

6)Good mind , good find.
Ans) Aap bhale to jag bhala.

7)His wits are gone a woll gathering.
Ans) Uski akal charne ko gayi hai.

8)It takes two to make a quarrel.
Ans) Ek haath se tali nahi bajti.

9) Barking dogs seldom bite .
Ans) Jo garajte hai woh baraste nahi.

10)Avarice is root of all evils.
Ans) Laalch buri balaa hai.

11)Gather thistles & expect pickles .
Ans) Boye pade babool ke to aam kha se hoye.

12)Drowning man catches at straw.
Ans) Doobte ko tinke ka sahara.

13)Hard nut to crack.
Ans) lohe ke chane chabana.

14)As the king so are the subjects.
Ans) jaisa Raja vaisi praja.

15)A honey tongue , a heart of gall.
Ans) Mukh mein Ram bagal mein choori.

16)Pure gold does not fear the flame.
Ans) Saanch ko aanch nahi.

17) Great cry little wool .
Ans) Oochi dukaan feeke pakvaan.

18)A drop in the Ocean .
Ans) Oot ( Camel ) Ke mooh mein Jeera.

19) A nine days wonder .
Ans) Chaar din ki chandani fir andheri raat.

20) Crying in wilderness .
Ans) Bhes ( Buffalo ) ke aage been bajaana.

21) Do good & cast in to the river.
Ans) Neki kar dariya mein daal.

22) Diamonds cut diamonds.
Ans) Loha lohe ko kaat ta hai.

23) A burnt child dreads the fire.
Ans) Dudh ka jala chaas ko bhi fook fook kar peeta hai.

24)A figure among cyphers.
Ans) Andho mein kaane raaja.

25)A little knowledge is a dangerous thing .
Ans) Neem hakeem khatre jaan

26)A wolf in lamb's clothing.
Ans) Mukh mein Ram bagal mein choori.


If your child finds the class room atmosphere or lectures boring or if he hates writing or has bad hand writing or if you are writing your first love letter or writing a letter to your enemy requesting for friendship than you should not forget to use Aromatic pencils .

Aromatic pencils are not ordinary pencils with a good smelling eraser on the head of the pencil but they are specially designed pencils by Japan.Last year in Tokyo there was an International Stationery & Office Products Fair 2007 in which a Stationery maker has launched a new & exclusive range of Aromatic Pencils.

The company has launched pencils which smell of Rose , Green Tea & Rose merry. These pencils have capsules as a result of which when the pencil is used for writing the fragrance refreshes the the person.So the days have come when we have to
say Bye Bye to ordinary lead pencils & Welcome Aromatic Pencils .


We all know about Parkers, Sheaffers , Montblancs & Cartiers Pens are very costly & mostly used by people of executive class but do you know that are are pens which costs approximately more than 10, 000 US $ each. Yes it is true ,Pens of Ferrari da Varese , Krone , Conway Stewart , Omas , Lamy , Aurora & Montegrappa cost's in millions

The reason behind these pen being so expensive is that it's maker have taken 1-3 months to make a single pen & if it is a limited edition pen the craftsmen might take a year or two year.These pen are mostly hand engraved & studded with precious stones.The body of the pen is mostly made of gold .Generally on the pen a historic monument or flowers etc is engraved.

You must be wondering who uses such pen.Well Queen of England , US President ,British Prime minister & other head officials use these pen. A common men will think what's the need of using such expensive pen.So these are not just pen these are means of expressing elegance.


1) XENOPHOBIA : Afraid of foreigners

2) TOXICOPHOBIA : Afraid of poison

3) DROMOPHOBIA : Fear of crossing roads

4) THEOPHOBIA :Fear of God

5) ACROPHOBIA: Fear of heights

6) PYROPHOBIA : Afraid of fire .

7) NYCTOPHOBIA : Fear of darkness

8) ANTHOPHOBIA : Fear of flowers

9) HEMATOPHOBIA : Fear of blood

10) PHOTOPHOBIA : Fear of light

11) THANTOPHOBIA : Fear of death

12) CLAUSTROPHOBIA : Fear of closed places

13) ORNITHOPHOBIA : Fear of birds

14) ANDROPHOBIA : Fear of men

15) HYDROPHOBIA : Fear of water

16) GYROPHOBIA : Fear of women

17) MYSOPHOBIA: Fear of dirt

18) ORNITHOPHOBIA : Fear of birds


Doll manufacturing companies have designed in recent past some amazing dolls which are replicas of human babies. These dolls are made especially for Parents who have lost their babies & for teenagers .

The dolls which are manufactured to calm down mourning parents have tiny veins , beating heart , hairs & many more features of living human baby. Some manufactures of these dolls also make dolls which appear exactly as the baby who expired so that the mourning parents will feel that they are holding their child.Such dolls are becoming trend in UK & other countries.Although these dolls are made to help parents to overcome their grief but it is also possible that parents may not be able to come out of their sorrows because such dolls may constantly remind them of their lost baby.

The human baby replicas designed for teenagers are known as REAL CARE BABIES . In order to prevent teenage pregnancy these dolls are designed . Teenagers from Chihuahua in Mexico are made to take care of screaming , hiccuping baby dolls which run on computer chips.The teenagers have to feed the dolls , have to slap on the back so they burp & do every thing as we do with live babies.The aim behind this is to make teenagers realize the consequences of becoming parents at young age & there by reducing the rate of teenage pregnancy.The teenagers get horrified at the amount of work involved in looking after a baby. REAL CARE BABIES are available in USA , UK & many other European countries.

Thus with the help of technology dolls identical to human babies are made to reduce the sorrows of mourning parents & the rate of teenage pregnancies.


You must be wondering , why water pipes burst during winter only . The water pipes burst in winter because of ANOMALOUS BEHAVIOR OF WATER .Generally liquids expand on heating & contracts on cooling.Water however shows an exceptional behavior below 4 degree C. If we cool water at room temperature we find that it goes on contracting but as the temperature falls below 4 degree C it begins to expand instead of contracting, conversely if water is heated from 0 degree centigrade to 4 degree C instead of expanding it contracts.

The anomalous behavior of water plays an important role in the survival of aquatic animals & plants in cold countries.During winter season as the temperature decreases water at the surface of lakes, rivers, sea etc start contracting . As the water contracts it's density increases & it sinks to the bottom.This process continues until the temperature of all the water in a lake or river falls to 4 degree C .Thereafter as the water at the surface cools below 4 degree C it expands instead of contracting & consequently it's density decreases , as a result it remains on the surface of lake or river.The temperature of water in the surface goes on decreasing to 0 degree C & finally is converted into ice, while the water below the ice continues to remain at 4 degree C. As water remains at 4 degree C, fish & other aquatic animals remain alive.


The Proboscis female monkey is attracted by Proboscis male monkey's nose which is approximately 4 inches long. Proboscis monkey is a rare specie of monkey found only in Mangrove Forests of Borneo-Malaysia & also in Sumatra.In Malaysia Proboscis Monkey are called as MONYET BELANDA meaning ' DUTCHMAN MONKEY '

The Proboscis monkey has a characteristic pendulous nose , a typically pot belly & they produce strange honking sounds.Within the Proboscis monkey species the male and female are distinguished by the size of the body and the nose. The male is bigger than the female and the nose is more pointed. Females do not have this characteristic. Female and the young proboscis monkey have shorter nose which is turned up at the end. The male's big nose is a secondary sex characteristic: the bigger the nose is, the sexier the monkey is.The nose also helps in radiating heat from the body.

Proboscis Monkey are prominently vegetarian ,they are excellent swimmers are good in leaping from one tree to another.A single male Proboscis monkey lives with several female monkeys & reproduction is not seasonal it is throughout the year.


The First Law stating the Abolition of trade in African Slaves in Britain will complete 201 years on 25 th March 2008.It was a major step of stopping the immoral practice of bonded labor.It was a big trade and more than 10 million Africans were shipped overseas for slavery.

In those days the ship used to take 6-8 weeks to transport Africans from their country to new world where they will work as slaves throughout their life.In each ship more than 600 men,women & children were packed tightly into every available space.During this journey many slaves died,some used to commit suicide.

Two basic types of Slavery used to exists Domestic& Productive Slavery.
Domestic slavery was more common where in the slaves were asked to do household work.
In productive slavery ,slave labor was used for economic purposes such as plantation.

In America US Congress banned import of slaves from 1808 but it was completely abolished in 1865 in America.According to Manu Smriti slaves used to exists in India also but unfortunately this immoral & illegal practice still exists in Mauritania although the slaves do not have to wear chains or branded with the marks of their master


Sudoku puzzles are popular all over the world are considered to be originated in Japan by most of the people since the word " SU " in Japanese means " NUMBER " & the word " DOKU " in Japanese means " ONLY ".Therefore in Japanese Sudoku means in ONLY NUMBER.However Sudoku did not originate in Japan, it was invented by Swiss mathematician Leonardo Eular born in Basel: in 1707.

In the year 1783 Leonard Euler introduced the square as 'THE NEW KIND OF MAGIC SQUARE but the Sudoku invented by Euler was not divided into 81 squares.The Sudoku with which we are familiar now was first published in 1970 in Dale Magazine which publishes mathematical puzzles. In the Dale Magazine for the first time the Sudoku square was further divided into 81 squares.In Japan Sudoku became very popular in 1986.


In this post I am sharing with you once again my filmi gyan. Below is the list of debut movies of bollywood heroines.

1)Sharmila Tagore ........ Kashmir ki Kali

2) Rani Mukharjee......... Raja ki aayegi baarat

3)Sonali Baindare......... Aag

4)Vidya Balan .............. Parinita

5) Kareena Kapoor ........ Refugee

6) Pravin Bavi.............. Charitraheen

7)Sneha Ulal ............. Lucky-no time for love

8)Perizaad Zorabian......... Bollywood Calling

9)Mimisha Lamba ........... Yahan

10) Rati Agnihotri ............ Ek duje ke liye

11) Soha Ali Khan........... Dil Mange more

12)Asha Parekh............. Dil deke dekho

13) Mahak Chal ........... Nayi Padosan

14) Shabana Aazmi ....... Ankur

15) Yukta Mukhe .......... Pyasa

16)Tanisha ............ Shsh

17) Tanushree Dutta ...... Aashiq banaya aapne

18) Nutan............ Meri Beti

19) Nafisa Ali ....... Junoon

20) Sayra Banu........ Jungali


Even if our eyes are closed but still we will recoginze Naarad Muni as soon we hear on TV ' NAARAYAN .....NAARAYAN ' . All of us know that Naarad Muni visits all the lokhs & communicate messages but how many of us know about the birth of Naarad Muni . In this post I will be writing about Naarad Muni's past.

According to Bhaagvat , Naarad Muni was Born as Sooth Putra before he was born as Naarad Muni. As Sooth putra his mother was a widow , she used to clean roads etc & he used to help his mother in doing the work.Once a group of saints came in their village. Naarad muni's ( sooth putra) mother told him to go & help the saints in cleaning & other things. As an obedient son, Sooth putra went and started doing things for the saints .He use to clean their vessels , floors & used to make beds of saints in night.

One day after seeing his dedication & sincerity towards work , One saint asked sooth putra ( Naarad Muni ) to eat some left over food of Priests. Sooth putra happily ate the left over food .As soon as he ate the food his attitude towards world completely changed . Now he was no longer interested in worldly desires.When the Saints started leaving the village Sooth putra insisted the saints to take him along with them but as his mother started crying the priests refused to take him along with them . In fact the priests suggested Sooth putra to remain with her mother & serve her.

Sooth putra obeyed what saints told him to do but still he was not interested in worldly desires, when he grew up her mother pleaded him to get married however he refused to marry.One day when his mother went in Jungle to gather wood , she died because of Snake bite. After his mother's death Sooth putra traveled throughout the world preaching people about God & his greatness .After he died he born again as Naarad Muni.


History is evident that India is a land of devoted wives .Among them is Bhanmati. Bhanmati was wife of Vachaspati Mishra of South.Vachaspati Mishra has written several Shivji Tikaas.He was a devoted follower of Lord Shiva & was 24 hours busy in writing scriptures on Shivji .His wife Banmati was very devoted to her husband,She never used to disturb her husband while he was writing scriptures.She used to fill the lamp with oil & never let the lamp to extinguish so that her husband does not get disturbed.

Vachaspati Mishra wrote several Shivji Tikaa's . One day when he was completing a scripture on Shivji the lamp suddenly started flickering , as soon as Bhanmati saw this she immediately prevented the flame to get extinguish.Suddenly Vachaspati Mishr saw Bhanmati in the light of lamp and asked her " Who are you & what are you doing ".Bhanmati smilingly told that " Swami I am your wife & we got married 36 years ago ". Vachaspati Mishra asked her wife than why I did not realize that ? .Bhanmati said ," As he was busy writing Scriptures on Shivji & she does not want to interfere with his work therefore she never made him realize that he was married."

On hearing this from her wife Vachaspati Mishra appreciated her & told her that the name of the Scripture which he is writing will be BHANMATI KI TIKAA.