According to a research study published in the Journal Birth Defect Research Part -B Volume 77 , Page NO. 251-256 , 2006 the Virus Ljungan ( LV )might be responsible for large number of Stillbirths. Stillbirth is the death of a baby after the 20th week of pregnancy but before delivery.

Ljungan Virus is named by Virologist Bo Niklasson of Uppsala University in 1999 who discovered it in the Swedish river valley.LV is found in different species of native animals of Europe & United States.

In a laboratory study, researchers found that 86 % of pregnant laboratory mice infected with Ljungan virus delivered dead babies( mice ).This made the researchers to study further for the possible correlation between Ljungan & Stillbirths among humans.

In a new study researchers examined Stillbirths & placental tissue from humans. They found LV in 4 out of 10 stillborns that they autopsied & 5 out of 10 placental tissues .The researchers did not find the virus in the placental tissue from Normal pregnancies.The researchers suspect that LV might also cause Preeclampsia.

The researchers consider these finding as very powerful clues for stillbirths among humans & are engaged in further investigation.


According to a study conducted on Australia patients with ' End Stage Renal Disease ' ( ESRD) can improve their plight & thereby quality of life by participating in weight lifting exercises during dialysis.

The cause of mortality among patients with ESRD is not only malfunctioning of Kidneys but also wasting of muscles( weakening of muscles).Weight lifting increases muscles & improves strength of the patient & thereby improves the quality of life.

The study was conducted on 49 patients.The patients were asked to lay on their back while performing the exercises.Each session included two sets of eight repetitions of ten exercises ,using free weight dumbbells for the upper body & weighted ankle cuffs for the lower body.

After 12 weeks CT scans showed that the weight training group had significantly
improves the muscle quality also their body weight & body strength was increased.


Homeopathy was founded by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann of Germany in the year 1790& created a revolution in the field of medicine.Homeopathy was widely accepted by the western world from the beginning but it failed to do so in India due to lack of awareness but now it is popular among the urban people of India.

In Homeopathy medicines are prepared using natural sources like those of plant, animal , mineral etc & mixing them with Ethyl Alcohol in a definite proportion & then to make it undergo a process called as Potentization where in harmful toxicity are reduced to zero & a latent power known as the Dynamic power is raised .Homeopathic treatment has no side effects also it is economical.


An individual's personality is revealed to some extent from his/ her handwriting.Here are some tips which will help you to analyze hand writing of an individual.

Here are some important instruction for Hand writing Analysis.

1) A signature is not enough for hand writing analysis.

2)For analysis at least one full paragraph with all the letters at least once is necessary.

3)It makes no difference if the writer is right handed or left handed.

4)Remember that the size of the writing could change slightly if an individual has been taking medication.

5) It is important to note that the upper strokes of letters are slanting towards left or right or are vertical.

6)Check for the size of letters i.e. very tiny or medium sized or very big.

7)The shape of the letters m & n reveals important data regarding the ability to think.

8) if a person makes the letter "g " as the number " 9 " & letter " Y " as the number " 7 " .It means that the person is good in calculating , accounts .

9)If a person never or mostly do not use punctuation marks( , . ? " " ! etc) while writing .It means that the person is lazy , is in hurry & believes in Quantity & not in Quality.

10) If a person's handwriting is very small .It means he / she is not very confident , not clear in his / her thoughts.Believes in hiding things from others.

11) If a person's handwriting is very big .It means he / she is very confident , proud, likes to gain others attention.

12)If the persons handwriting is changing frequently. It means he / she is very confused & not self satisfied.

13) If a person uses lot of short forms while writing . It means the person believes in quick action , he / she do not care much for people.


Care of cooking oil is very important since the way we use oil affects our health .

SELECTION OF COOKING OIL : One should buy & consume omega-3 fatty acid rich oils like Soyabean , Mustard seed oils. Sunflower & Rice bran oils are also good.

STORAGE OF OILS : Keep oil in air-tight container. The container should be clean & free from any smell. Also keep oil away from direct sun light. These precautions regarding the storage of oil should be taken in order to increase the shelf life of oils. Oils contain Poly unsaturated fatty -acids which get oxidized in the presence of air & sun light.Once the Poly-unsaturated fatty acids get oxidized the oil develops off flavors ie. is it becomes Rancid. Rancid oils should not be consumed if it is consumed it causes headache , Nausea etc.

USE OF OILS : Never over heat an oil . Oils should always be heated below ( Smoke point). Smoke point is a temperature at which the oil starts smoking. Always buy oils with high smoking point.The smoking point of an oil reduces by repeated use of oil & by not staining the oil after cooking food in it. Discard oils which have become dark brown in color due to repeated use .If such oil is used it catches fire ( Fire point ). Also consumption of foods cooked in such oils causes stomach pain , vomiting, headache etc. Always cool & strain the oil before refilling it into bottle. Last but not least if a very strong flavored food is cooked in oil , freshen the oil by frying some potatoes.


Siyar or Jackal is found in forests of hilly regions. Jackal is a non-vegetarian animal he catches his prey efficiently when he is young but as he grows older his efficiency reduces but by natures grace a small bunch of hair with horn emerges from his body at the forehead this is called as Siyar Singhi.

The Siyar Singhi has some kind of attraction power in it as a result of which Jackal easily catches his prey. The nature's gift to Siyar is a Lucky Charm meaning it is one of the rare Tantra Items. Siyar Singhi bestows immense wealth, victory over enemies, protect from evil eye etc.The amazing fact about Siyar singhi is that its hair starts growing automatically if it is kept in Vermilion.

Siyar Singhi is available in various sizes & it is very expensive.It should always be kept in a Silver box in the pooja ghar.Within the silver box it should be kept covered with vermilion.


I am not joking in our society there are some men who are caged in female's body & there are women who are caged in male's body. You must be thinking that I am talking about ghosts or some supernatural powers but you are incorrect .Without forcing you to ponder further ,I am elucidating on TRANSSEXUALS

Transsexuals are persons who identify their gender opposite to the gender assigned to them at birth.According to Psychologists Transsexuals suffer from GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER.It is a disorder in which a person feels that he or she is trapped inside a wrong body.

Recently in India many cases of Transsexualism have come up.For instance Bobby Darling.......a popular bollywood celebrity who tried to win Big Boss so that he can go for sex change surgery. Aparna Mafatlal became Ajay Mafatlal some 2 years back after undergoing SRS & recently 23 year old Adam turned to extremely beautiful Adrina at Sita Ram Bharatiya Hospital in New Delhi on 4th November 2005.

Transsexuals can only win their battle by undergoing SRS. SRS means Sex Reconstruction Surgery or Sex Reassignment Surgery.It is a surgical procedure by which a person's physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are changed to that of the other sex .It is a very expensive & long process .The patient should be physically, mentally & socially prepared before going through the surgery. SRS differs for Trans woman (male to female) & Trans man (female to male).It has been seen that there are more cases of Trans woman than Trans man. For Trans woman sex reassignment usually involves the surgical construction of a vagina while in case of Trans man SRS involves mastectomy, hysterectomy , construction of penis & some other surgical process. After changing gender through surgery such people can have normal sexual relationship with their partners however they cannot have their own children .

With the growing technology we might hear that people after undergoing SRS can conceive too but I feel the whole procedure is against the rules of Nature. This was a brief insight of Transsexualism & Sex reassignment Surgery by Moksha.