As we know, PayPal is the world's largest internet bank. Most of us who surf the net and have online earnings have a PayPal account. However, in this article I would like to share some uncommon facts about PayPal.

1) One individual can have two pay pal accounts. However the person should have one Premier NS one Personal PayPal account or one Business and one Personal account .

2) An individual with a Personal account can accept only five debit or credit payments. However, an individual with Premier PayPal account can accept unlimited credit or debit card payments.

3) In the case of the Premier account, the account holder has to pay fees for every payment he or she receives. So people who receive many credit or debit card payments should open the Premier account, otherwise they should open Personal account only.

4) The PayPal account holder can refund money to the sender within 60 days. PayPal immediately refunds the money to the sender.

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