Rabindranath Tagore wrote almost hundred short stories .He was the first Bengali who took short stories to serious art form.Rabindranath wrote most of his stories in 1890s.These stories were published in several periodicals.A popular periodical is SADHANA in which 36 stories were published among which are the famous stories like KABULIWALA & HUNGRY STONE.

Tapan Sinha made three movies on Rabindranath Tagore's Stories.He made movie on Kabuliwala , Hungry Stone & Atithi. Kabuliwala was shown in 1957 Berlin Film Festival.Rabindranath Tagore was ideal of Tapan Sinha.Rabindranath Tagore's another periodical is SABUJ PATRA in which stories like WIFE'S LETTER & WOMEN UNKNOWN ( Aprichitta ) were published.

For years Rabindranath Tagore was not recognized as great writer because Non-Bengali readers had to depend upon the translated version of his Bengali stories which were of poor Quality.Later with the help of some Britishers he managed to improve his translations.


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